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About WiKey

A hacker with your: 
password, secret key, email, id card or school name,  
can gain access to your account

100% zero knowledge Identity protection

WiKey's zero-knowledge cryptography engine doesn't use any personal information for account access.
It doens't use passwords even for the recovery  
It therefore prevents takeovers.

WiKey interfaces to your software
using standard protocols
like SAML, Webauthn, Passkeys

Self custody  
WEB3 protection

WiKey not only protects your email, ERP, CRM, and other accounts, but it also protects your crypto wallet.
It ensures that your wallets' secret phrase will not get lost or hacked. The system is self custody so no one has access to your secret key, not even us

Safe, easy login

WiKey's IOS or Android app locally and randomly generates your passkeys.
Login with finger or face ID to login to any SAML / FIDO2 / Passkeys / Webauthn compliant website or SaaS.
No biometric information is stored on any server

Some of the services and software solutions WiKey is compatible with

Full open source IAM solution

Legacy IAM solutions struggle to cope with today's hackers. AI, deepfake, and other methods can easily bypass 2FA, MFA,  passkey implementations and user recovery. WiKey offers a complete, modern SaaS IAM solution that understands and protects against unauthorized access to your databases and apps

No personal information is used  

In a typical passkey implementation, passkeys, your ID or biometrics are backed up. This is done to help restore access if a user loses his phone.
However, this also introduces a single point of failure, as hackers can target the recovery process and fetch the keys

Why WiKey is ground breaking

Deepfake can't steal your identity

AI and deepfake blur the lines between hackers and authentic individuals. Personal data on social networks can be exploited to hack the password recovery process

No recovery emails & texts that can be hacked

Passwords can be compromised through reuse, phishing or poor backups.
A hacker can impersonate you, contact your phone provider, request a new SIM card and hack the password recovery

No Backups that are a single point of failure

Safely backing up passwords and web3 secret keys is hard.
Physical storage can be compromised. Cloud and local drives are susceptible to viruses that can obtain your secrets

Zero Knowledge Recovery

WiKey is a fully self-custody.
Your passwords, secret phrases or keys are not backed up anywhere.
They are not accessible by anyone, not even us.

To recover a lost phone, contact your circle of co-workers or family and ask them to verify you.
No predefined questions or text messages or emails are used as they can be hacked.

WiKey is trustless: Your circle of helpers, or anyone else, have no knowledge of your secret keys and passwords, and you'll be notified when recovery starts

Revoke / grant access when someone leaves

A user may be the sole holder of credentials for certain servers, ERPs, databases, etc, may leave due to passing away or being terminated.
With WiKey, their superiors can revoke their access and assign the credentials to others.
In this zero knowledge process, none of the superiors can access the passkeys during or following the event

Why WiKey is important

No passwords to remember or share, no 2FA/mFA

With WiKey phishing can be eliminated as you use biometrics to login, without backing them up.
No more hard to invent and to remember passwords, so no reuse of passwords

Compatible with the industry passkey, WebAuthn standards

WiKey follows the FIDO2 standard, making every FIDO2 compliant site or SAAS compatible with WiKey
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Governance & Compliance

Your organization can easily verify the integrity, security

Easy to Use

Login with the WiKey app. No need to remember or  hide passwords.

Reliable & safe

WiKey is decentralized without a database.
Your data and configuration is immutable and can't be controlled, or governed by anyone, not even us

Anonymous and self custody

The platform is completely anonymous, you don't  submit any personal detail,  email, or phone number

How to use Wikey?

AI can't hack into the personal knowledge among friends, co-workers, or relatives.
With WiKey, users declare helpers to verify them only when phone is lost.
If you don't lose your phone, just log in without your helpers.
If you lose your phone, install the app on your new device and regain access by verifying your identity with your helpers.
For enterprises, designated helpers can be pre-configured for employees,

Download the app from the
iOS/Android store
Add friends, co-workers or family.
They're needed if you lose your phone
Add passkeys for your favorite sites
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Than login with the WiKey app
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